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Tips from Mothra's Kitchen

Sep 13, 2000 12:19

Tips from Mothra's Kitchen

Late summer is a good time to be Drosophila melanogaster--tomatoes on the counter, onions, peppers everywhere. Except if you're in my kitchen ...or yours if you know how to construct the Fabulous Fruitfly Funnel:

1. Find a cup or jar and stick a goopy piece of banana in it

2. Make a funnel out of scrap paper, stick it in the jar

3. Tape around the edge of the jar forming a tight seal. These guys head for the top when jostled and you don't want them all riggling away, unless you just want to capture them all again--buy hey, thas coo'.

4. Release flies outside. There's no need to taunt them with your admittedly superior intellect.

5. Repeat as (hopefully not) needed

p.s. You needn't construct your waste paper funnel from a particularly useless XML tutorial, but I think it helps.



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