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by masami fujimoto

This is a picture of me.

gravytrain: I've recently started a not-for-profit organization. You can find info about it here. Aside from that, I do graphic and information design as well as write applications for CD-ROM and for the Web using PHP, mySQL, XML, HTML/CSS, Shockwave, Flash, etc.

photoflow: I have always enjoyed photography and continue to explore in b&w, color and pixel. I have a nice Nikon 8008s film camera and I've also got a Kodak DC290. Photography is what first got me interested in design, multimedia and programming which is what I do now.

muzak: I play drums, guitar and keyboards, but not much of those lately except for drums here and there. I have a few pieces available. Check here for some mp3's.

readon: When I read (which, yes, I do, though in spurts) I gravitate towards political philospohy, science and design. I'm particularly interested lately in writings on privacy, the reclamation of civil society, progressive politics at the turn of the century and information visualization techniques in the political sciences.

miscellaneous likes: travel, wit, political debate, quality dark ales and stouts, design, succulent plants and cacti, cheese (esp. gouda), absurdity, musli w. plain yogurt, local wrestling, tomato sandwiches, lost souls, beauty...

muy, muy mas: I have a small portfolio of photographs and digital art as well as a moderately up-to-date c.v. on this site.


log (go: what | where | when ) about this site | bio | c.v. | projects | portfolio

"The empires of the future are the empires of the mind." - Winston Churchill

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