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Citizens' Toolkit

The Citizens' Toolkit for Bloomington website provided voting information for Bloomington and Monroe County residents. Citizens' Toolkit for Bloomington provided the following information in the 2004 election...

This project is ongoing and will also host election information in 2006.

The Citizens' Toolkit
Humanetrix Toolkit page


Humanetrix (human.net.tricks) is a not-for-profit organization I have recently started to support the development of innovative technology projects which serve to further the public interest and contribute to civil society.



PhotoTag is a community photography project. A series of disposable cameras are labeled and released into the wild with instructions for unwary PhotoTaggers to take one picture and pass the camera on. PhotoTag is a non-profit for-fun joint venture by me and Susan Brackney.


Vivagraphs: Contextual Media

The Vivagraph project is a contextual media internet application which I have conceived and developed as my Masters thesis. Vivagraphs are multi-modal media recordings which communicate a sense of their own context via embedded, linked or otherwise associated context data when made available over the Internet as a form of hypermedia. Vivagraphs fuse elements of personal media, multimedia, contextual media and Internet hypermedia to communicate personal experience and convey personal documentary.

Guide to Vivagraphs
CMIL and Metaspace: Visualizing Hypermedia with Contextual Metadata Poster from WWW9 Conference in Amsterdam from May 15 - 19, 2000. (Local Copy)
Contextual Media Integration Language (CMIL) is the XML language developed to support Vivagraphs.
Thesis on Vivagraph Systems in HTML, 2000.

Polara Project: Affective Agent Learning Environment

The Polara Projects was developed as a multimedia learning environment, the goal of which was to teach gradeschool level astronomy to children and supplement astronomy curriculum with interactive activities. This was done within the context of a compelling storyline and playful interaction with the main character, an animated agent using a simple emotion model to guide its interaction with users. We partnered in a grant with two Indiana grade schools, Bloomington's Harmony School and Indianapolis' Longfellow Elementary to provide a web forum for discussion and interaction.

Polara Home
Polara Agent Director Demo
Article about the Polara Agent


P(i)mp stands for Personal (i) Media Portal. The (i) stands for practically anything you can think of that might begin with an "i" like... interactive, internet, indexed, idiosyncratic, independent, idiotic, etc. This site you are looking at is running p(i)mp. This project allows users to publicly and selectively distribute the personal media which serves as a record of their lives and those of their friends and family. Each p(i)mp operates as a personal homepage, weblog, photoalbum and portfolio and uses PHP, HTML & CMIL( XML), and the mySQL database.



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"The empires of the future are the empires of the mind." - Winston Churchill

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